First of all thanks for coming to visit.

So, what about me? Well the basics first, I suppose. My name is Peter G. Davies, Peter Davies is the shortened version and I am a visual communications professional.

What the hell does that mean?

I am a graphic designer, cartoonist, illustrator, author and an all round jolly good chap! I’ve also been around for quite awhile so I have had the opportunity to work in the many visual communication disciplines, including advertising, publishing, exhibitions, TV and film storyboards, marketing and promotion, illustration and so much more.

Wow! It makes me tired just to think of all that I’ve managed to cram into my time on this planet.

This website (when I get it working properly) is intended to showcase artwork that I have created as well show you what I am working on at the moment. So please, come back and visit and you will find big changes taking place as I get to grips with WordPress.

To contact me by email: pete@petethepen.com